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Millions of masks, protective overalls and sanitisers from prison industrial workshops


The largest prison industrial workshops employ approx. 200 prisoners to sew masks and protective clothing. It is planned to expand their activity by production of sanitisers. In addition, in 24 penitentiary institutions in agreement with the local community the prisoners sew masks for hospitals, medical facilities, local governments, foundations and associations. After the planned expansion of this activity, they will be able to produce nearly 800 thousand a month. The production of protective equipment was launched by order of Zbigniew Ziobro, the Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General.

In prison industrial workshops: IGB Mazovia, PP RAKON, PPO Sieradz and PPW Agot, prisoners currently sew about 20,000 masks per one day. Starting from Monday, the Prison in Wołowo is to start the production of sanitisers. The plan assumes the production of 80,000 litres of sanitisers per month.

Państwowe Przedsiębiorstwo Odzieżowe Sieradz, employing more than 90 convicts from the Prison in Sieradz, in addition to protective masks, produces about 350 overalls and 1200 aprons per day. Overalls and aprons are sewn for a company providing professional medical equipment to hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Masks are also sewn as part of social rehabilitation activities, occupational therapy or private classes. Materials are provided by various institutions which want to get engaged in actions preventing the spread of coronavirus. During one day, prisoners produce more than 5,000 masks, and about 30 thousand per week. At the moment, the largest number of masks is produced in Prison no. 1 in Grudziądz, in the Detention Centre in Ostrów Wielkopolski and in Prison no. 2 in Strzelce Opolskie.

Protective masks produced by prisoners and other measures are handed over to the Ministry of Justice, courts, prosecutor’s offices, penitentiary institutions, as well as hospitals, medical facilities and foundations.

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